Listen to the sea song  “ The Drunken Sailor”

During the partner visit in the Polish school, the guests had the opportunity to watch and listen to the performance prepared by the 3rd grade.


A legend about the ghost from the Lighthouse in Ustka

As part of the Erasmus + European project “SNIPI”, a competition for the legend of the “Ghost from the lighthouse in Ustka” was held in our school.We received eight works, the authors of which were students of grades 4th-8th of our school.The choice was very difficult because each of the legends was original and interesting.That is why the Jury decided to “draw” the winner and it was Oliwier Lickiewicz, a student of class 5b.The award funded by the owners of the Laguna Marine Food & Drink Restaurant will be presented during the stay of teachers from partner schools from the Erasmus + program on November 19th.For all amazing legends, students will be rewarded with sweet gifts and additional excellent grades. Congratulations to all participants !!!

“Once upon a time, there was a lighthouse in the town of Ustka, located on the very shore of the Baltic Sea. A lighthouse keeper, called “Ustek”, worked there. His duty was to led the way  of all fishing vessels and fishing boats to the port every day. One night, when the UST-1137 fishing boat was coming back to the port in Ustka, a shadow appeared on its side. It looked like a half-fish and half-beautiful woman. Ustek had no doubts that it was a ghost – he shouted!. A ghost that comes from his lighthouse. A mermaid ghost whose beloved  was probably caught in the fishnet. Immediately, the lighthouse keeper thought it was a bad sign. He felt dizzy and fainted. Then he dreamed: “The Mermaid appeared because one fisherman was catching too many fish from the sea and he also caught her lover”. He woke up and was frightened. He thought it was a crack of doom. However, it turned out, that the UST01137 fishing boat was already safe in the port in its place. And then Ustek came to the conclusion that the Mermaid appeared to warn all the sea people about the great storm. Since then, the lighthouse keeper called the Mermaid Ghost “The Mermaid of Ustka” and till this day she protects all fishermen and sailors from the upcoming disasters. In honor of this event, a monument to the Mermaid of Ustka stands in front of the port in Ustka. It is situated near the lighthouse. The mermaid is also in the coat of arms of Ustka and, like the figure from the monument, she also stares at the sea, waiting for local fishermen to return home safely.”

A bit different lesson- a meeting at Zoom with students from Ireland

 On October 15th, our students from grades 2b, 7c, 8 a, b and s took part in an unusual lesson by connecting via the ZOOM platform with students from the Irish partner school in Kinvara. Students from Iceland were also present at the meeting. Teachers and students from Kinvara school talked about local food products. They were presenting dishes prepared by them and their parents. During the meeting, we were also connecting with a teacher who presented stalls with local products at the local fair. Of course, the lesson was in English. Such meetings are a great way to develop language skills, but also an opportunity to learn about the culture and traditions of other countries. This is one of the advantages of participating in Erasmus + European programs.

Happy St.Patrick’s Day to our FRIENDS IN IRELAND!!

St. Patrick’s Day is not only an Irish national holiday, but also one of the most celebrated holidays in the world.For several years, in Ustka in Primary School no1, on March 17th, the green colour has dominated the corridors.This year’s celebrations were more modest than in previous years.There was no concert of traditional Irish music, no dance show or tasting of green sweets.During the lessons, the younger class students learned about the history of this holiday.The children found out who St.Patryk was and made some art work.The green shamrock and the characteristic Leprechaun  with a pot of gold, which according to legend can be found at the end of the rainbow, are symbols of this day.

But no gold is as important as the smiles on our students’ faces.

“European Picnic” – POLAND
We are sending parcels with typical food products from our countries to each school.

We wish everyone good and tasty fun.

Soon the big day of European Picnic in our schools.

We are all so excited. All packages with typical food from our countries have already been sent. In a few days we will be connecting online and opening surprise packages with the children.

As part of the Erasmus + program “Seaways, Pathways of International Learning” Polish school and school from Iceland exchanged packages with typical food products. Both packages were opened simultaneously during an online meeting of students and teachers. This form of contact aroused many positive emotions among Polish and Icelandic peers. Students could see, talk and exchange experiences after tasting. Our Icelandic partners liked “kabanosy” – thin, long sausages and “Krówka Ustecka” a selection of fudges the most. Among Polish students dominated chocolate raisins, jelly beans and chocolate milk.

 It was a very tasty and cheerful experience.

Name of hero from Poland:

Winning proposals from the Polish school- SHIPPY , JELLY BELLY.

Europicnic: Spain – Ireland

We enjoyed the Irish food!

Ryans Polka

In Pamplona, we had a challenge. We tried to get as many people as we could, to dance an irish dance called Ryans Polka together and this is the way we made it at Carnival time.

From Norway- European Picinc 

Here is some pictures from our European picnic with the Irish school earlier this Spring. Some of the food tasted delicious, but other’s tasted “strange”. They loved the sweets and the cheese 😋.