San Francisco School, Iruña-Pamplona, Spain

San Francisco is a public school with kindergarten and primary education. It is located in the city town of Pamplona ( Navarra ). It provides education from 3 to 12 years old children. Nowadays, 407 children (boys and girls) are registered and the staff is composed by 48 teachers. There are two linguistic models of education, in Basque and in Spanish, and both have English as one of the main subjects. The school has got 110 years without interruption, being a benchmark for the neighborhood and for the city. Our school has a heterogeneous social context, with a wide spectrum in which there are families where both parents have medium-high higher education and good economic status and families where both parents are illiterate and depend on social assisstance. The center has students from five continents, culture, religions and capabilities. 

Throughout this time,the center has manteined the illusion and the intention of continuous improvement. The prove of that are the achievements of different awards such as “Sello Nacional Escuela 2.0” or “ Consumopils Award” and our ambition is to continue improving and learning in a cooperative way among eachother and with people from other countries and cultures taking this time English as the vehicular language to develop a project. We hope to educate openminded children and to achieve a deep knowledge about the sea and the ocean, a familiar environment for our students due to the fact that we live 50 minutes far from there and it is a common holidays destination and an important economical input for our country.

The key people in charge of running this project will be the principal and both English teachers but other teachers of the English Department and tutors will be involved as well. In total, it will be a team of 6. As noted above, the center was awarded for several innovation projects such as Arquimedes Award to the Scientific Research in the classroom, Integratik ( didactic inclusion of ITC), Innovation improvement projects: Robotics-Science- Open doors in Kindergarten and from 2016-2018 the school has  been involved in a K201 . The name the project is Sciliteracy.

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